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Raul Mendoza

Raul Mendoza

Global Marketing Manager
Levi's XX at Levi Strauss & Co.

Mayday has been a great partner--timely, effective and creative. We truly would be steps behind the competition if it wasn’t for their ability to bring ideas to fruition.

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Raul Mendoza

Lee Savage

President & CEO
Lee Savage

Working with Mayday has been a great experience. From the start, they had an incredible understanding of my vision and beautifully interpreted this in the creation of my web and branding material.

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ThoughtsMay 28, 2015

MTA x Watch

MTA x Watch

The Metrocard is a familiar piece of plastic that’s ubiquitous to the commuter experience. It was designed to replace the previous method of payment: the token. It took the city over seven years (from 1993 to late 1999) to convert from token turnstiles to the current swipe-and-go system. Rather than creating efficiency, the new system caused greater challenges, for both commuters and the MTA.

ThoughtsDecember 11, 2014

Curating Client Mix


Client mix is a big deal for agencies. That mix influences the agency’s strategic direction, its hires, how well they execute across different media, and what value clients place on their efforts. Every agency has a different philosophy on how to curate their roster.

ThoughtsDecember 11, 2014

Beyond Responsive


Back in 2012, CSS3 media queries were more than three years old and elastic layouts were popping up across the web. My partner at Mayday and I went on a roadshow, meeting with fashion brands and photo agencies across New York to talk with them about upgrading their websites. We were amazed at how tech-backwards both generally were, and we made a pitch to help them upgrade.

ThoughtsDecember 11, 2014

The Brand’s in the Gesture


Do you know what Tinder looks like? Are you under the age of 35? Yes? You’ve almost certainly heard of Tinder. How about under 30, single and living in a major metropolis? There’s a good chance you’re an active Tinder user, searching for love no more than a quarter mile away. Under 25? You’re not reading anything from me, instead spending your time swiping through Tinder.

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