At the heart of "Old New York" stands The Algonquin, a timeless, boutique hotel. Birth site of The New Yorker magazine and the Round Table, a group of celebrated writers, artists, and intellectuals, who defined the cultural life of the Silent generation. Today, the Algonquin’s reputation has endured: the Beaux-Arts hotel continues to inspire and draw in travelers from around world.


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Launch date

May 2015


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User experience

Today, more and more consumers are accessing the web with smartphones and tablets instead of the traditional desktop. When The Algonquin Hotel approached us for help, their website was web-only, copy-heavy, lacked cohesive imagery, and didn’t allow users to easily engage with their content.

The time for a website facelift had come. The Algonquin Hotel was working with an unresponsive site that wasn’t built with mobile in mind. Like The Algonquin team, we knew they were missing out in key storytelling opportunities and ways to engage users. To get started, the first thing was did was replace the old dull and blocky, web-only site with a clean, contemporary, and responsive one that creates seamless experiences across all devices.


Inspired art direction helped connect and craft a beautiful and engaging experience. We highlighted the hotel’s art heritage by adding black-and-white photography, simplifying navigation with the help of features like tools tops, and contemporary typography that was a mix of the old and new.

From a static and uninspired design, we shifted to a parallax scrolling. This helped create am interactive site experience that was enhanced a photo-rich timeline, a side-by-side comparison of the interior decor’s evolution, and other visual elements like architecturally-inspired user interface elements. The website’s artistic transformation mirrors the hotel’s evolution into the future by beautifully preserving its past in fluid form.

Inspired by the history and architectural details of the landmark buildings on historic 44th Street. We began an in-depth study of the Beaux-Arts school and pieced together one architectural detail to another; supplementing photographs with on-site observations, our surroundings were the muse that inspired the artistic direction of the reimagined website.

We used typography to create a bridge between The Algonquin Hotel’s past and future. Avenir, (French for “future) is a san-serif, forward-looking font that takes inspiration from the early geometric typefaces of the 1920s; it creates a powerful effect that inspires both elegance and clean-lined minimalism. The emotional response created by this font is heightened and subtlety contrasted by Caslon, a serifed font that pays homage to the The New Yorker’s typeface.

We designed a responsive website that gracefully transformed a web-only, blocky design to an open, clean, easy-to-navigate layout. We reduced the complexity of the site and tore down borders to create an open and dynamic visual experience. From stylized black-and-white art photography to Beaux-Arts inspired user interface elements, we used imagery and design to preserve the hotel’s legacy while communicating its contemporary message.


Today, mobile-friendly websites are more important than ever before. Many people use smartphones and tablets to keep up with breaking news, share and be informed on social media, and shop on-the-go- we knew that The Algonquin had to offer consumers the same kind of mobile convenience in order to stay relevant and competitive in today’s digital marketplace. We designed an easy-to-use booking tool that lets customers check room availability, learn more about amenities, and quickly get a glimpse into the hotel’s history.


We created a black-and-white, interactive timeline to give users a glimpse into the hotel’s past and chronicle its evolution; touching on the interior design trends over the decades. We made The AlgonquinHotel’s story more accessible using a combination of photos from the past and present in order to share its rich traditions with today’s digital audiences.

Words tell a story, but images show a story; through art and design, we capture the spirit of The Algonquin, its people, its history, and a unique timelessness endemic only to New York.


General Manager
Algonquin Hotel

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mayday. The time and effort they took to discover The Algonquin and create a modern way to present the property online exceeded our expectations. This is truly a best-in-class hotel vanity site.

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